The Problem

Where it can be used

The new recognition technology is not only simple identification technology, but has been widely used in various fields of life. Such as high-end electronic equipment, pharmaceutical products, daily chemicals, auto parts, food and wine, supply chain management and financing, product marketing, user integration management, certificates and other fields. Product tracking can identify the uniqueness of products, and all information from production, circulation, sale to users' hands can be obtained.

Comparison of Existing Techniques

User experience
Package design
World leading algorithm on top of customised high performance Blockchain; Unbreakable without quantum computers
Extremely Cheap: requires just a QR code which any printer can print
Fast thanks to the customised e-commerce Blockchain protocol; Simple and efficient QR scan. Supports both iPhone and Android
Existing products and 24/7 accessible; Universal platform for any product; No dependency on any third party including NFT; Widely distributed tokens; Extensive potential for supply chain management, micro-finance and e-commerce
Nine year-old technology is used to track products, hoping it can increase credibility. But the tracking information can be easily cloned.
High transaction fees, especially during the ICO period
High latency, unreliable when there is congestion
No deliverable product. Most are just conceptual. Illegal activity cannot be prevented on public chain. Sensitive info is exposed to unrelated parties
RFID chip
44-year-old technology. The chip frequency is replicable
Expensive: US$2 ~ US$25 each
Dedicated software without iPhone support; No global standard
Special software needed; iPhone is not supported; No global standard; Health and environment concerns, such as tumor.
Replicable code. Everyone can copy the code
Expensive: Need to build and maintain a dedicated system
Customers have to equipped with special knowledge and tools
No way to build-up an interactive and equal ecosystem
Security printing
Counterfeiter can easily use the same technology; Open to illegal producers and easy to copy
Expensive equipment and material; Cheapest security tag can cost US$0.10
Customers have to equipped with special knowledge and tools
Some material (such as special ink, plastic, copper, zinc) used is toxic
Package design
Most vulnerable
Little confidence
Additional costs - such as designer cost, packing cost, patent fees

The Blockchain (Distributed Ledger)

The nodes of permissioned chain can be provided by trusted participants such as manufacturers and contributors (logistics, wholesalers, retailers, banks, credit agencies, quality inspectors, custom etc).

The upstream and downstream traceability from the perspective of manufacturer or brand owner

Team Background

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